Certification Report for EQS COCKPIT Integrity Line System EN

Website Owners: EQS Group AG
Website Domain: cockpitv3barrierfree.integrityline.com
Certificate Status: Bronze
Certification Date: 2022-11-14

General Comment of the Certification Authority:

For this WACA certification, 7 templates of the relevant web application were checked for web accessibility according to WCAG 2.1 - A and WCAG 2.1 - AA (https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG20/quickref/). A strong orientation towards accessibility can be seen in the tested templates. Many of the problem areas that arose in the first audit have been rectified.
As a representative sample for the entire application COCKPIT Integrity Line System, a complete use case of a test version including login/logout and mailbox in German and English language was selected for the certification audit. The product website https://www.eqs.com/de/compliance-loesungen/compliance-platform/ was not in the scope of this audit.

The following contents or functions of a website and web apps are generally excluded from the WACA Certificate audit:

  • Websites containing non-German and/or English language content
  • Apps for mobile applications
  • PDFs
  • Live broadcast time-based media
  • Content that is only available to a closed group of people and not to the general public (extranets, intranets)
  • External third-party content that was neither financed nor developed by the website operator and is therefore not subject to their control (such as Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, other Iframes and widgets, ...) as follows:
    • Third-party content that you cannot interact with (such as Facebook tracking pixels) is excluded from the certification process.
    • Third-party content that does not provide a basic core functionality is excluded from the certification process.
    • Third-party content that provides additional information and is essential to users needs to provide an alternative.
    • If a website consists largely of third-party content, certification will be rejected and the application will not be accepted. The website is not auditable.
  • Online maps and map services, though these must provide an accessible alternative
  • Google Captcha (ReCaptcha V2): valid only for the Silver and Bronze level

EQS3: T1 Startseite DE

Criterion 1.3.1 - Info and Relationships: Silver

Headings: OK.
<h1>Reporting system

HTML structure: OK
Main landmark present
best practice: Ensures all page content is contained by landmarks

Lists: optimizable
=> in the menu a list would be a good semantic element
(Also appears on subpages and is not explicitly mentioned there)

Criterion 2.4.1 - Bypass Blocks: Silver

Skiplink "to content" is available but should be "Germanized" (in the German language variant)

EQS3: T2 Startseite EN

EQS3: T3 Meldung abgeben

Criterion 1.3.1 - Info and Relationships: Silver

<h1>Eine Meldung abgeben
<h2>Sicheres Postfach

Labels: OK
implemented using aria-labelledby and native labels
the pseudo selects are not quite optimal but functional and tolerable

main landmark available

Criterion 2.4.4 - Link Purpose (In Context): Bronze

The file delete buttons are not optimal and are only labeled with the title attribute
<button … title="Delete" name="Delete">...</button>
In general, an sr-only text or an aria-label should be used with a reference to the file to be deleted, e.g. aria-label="xxx.jpg delete" or a semantic reference between the file name and delete interaction should be made using <li>, < p> etc. see e.g. https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG21/Techniques/html/H78.html

Criterion 2.4.7 - Focus Visible: Bronze

the keyboard focus of the options of the pseudo select fields is now optimised

the pseudo select fields themselves have a very low keyboard focus (only a marginal change of the border colour). This is still tolerable for bronze, but a change is recommended.

Criterion 4.1.2 - Name, Role, Value: Silver

Captcha now sufficiently labelled
Pseudoselects not optimal but tolerable

Criterion 4.1.3 - Status Messages: Bronze

Just on the edge of not fulfilled:
When adding files or photos, "non-visual users" are not sufficiently informed that these files are being added to the form. For visual users this is also not optimal, as the files are often inserted further down the page and the insertion is only visible after scrolling. When adding audio recordings, a live/alert message is read out and the message is also displayed visually for a short time. It is recommended to add such a message to the other files as well.

EQS3: T4 Senden

Criterion 1.3.1 - Info and Relationships: Bronze

The H1 heading is used sr-only as a replacement for the visual "i" icon. the main page heading is an H2. This hierarchy should be reversed (i.e. main heading H1 and info H2) Current heading structure:


EQS3: T5 Postfach

Criterion 1.3.1 - Info and Relationships: Bronze

Headings now available

still tolerable for bronze, but a change is recommended: only few semantic in the listing of the case and the files, here e.g. lists would be a better element

Criterion 2.4.4 - Link Purpose (In Context): Bronze

file delete buttons see T3

Criterion 4.1.3 - Status Messages: Bronze

Add files, photos see T3

EQS3: T6 Logout

EQS3: T7 Datenschutz